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Credit Repair Service that Delivers

Get 100 points within 6 months – New Day Credit Repair

We have been working directly with Zack Hamman at New Day Credit Repair (HQ Irvine, CA, doing business in all 50 states) who has some of the best advice on the planet on how to improve your credit score. It might seem like your credit score is something you really can’t do anything about in a short period of time but the truth is that your credit can rise just as fast as it fell. If you’re really looking for

Many so-called credit repair companies claim to get you massive results in a short period. New Day Credit Repair has been getting incredible results with their clients. If you’re looking forward to increasing your credit score so you can make the purchase of that new home or car, you should check these guys out – they actually have clients all over the company.

Does Credit Repair Work?

Many people ask the question, “does credit repair work?” The simple answer is “yes.” The long answer is “only if you do it right.” In order to do it right, you need to be proactive in your own credit repair. According to the best practices used by reputable credit repair companies, you can get your own credit score moving in the right direction all by yourself. But this usually takes a long learning curve and many hours, while you could be doing something a lot more worth while with your time.

Your annual credit report

Everyone is entitled to an annual free credit report. To get your annual credit report, visit this website and fill out all of the information. Your credit report will show you all of the transactions that have taken place on your credit. You will most likely easily be able to detect any fraud that has happened over the last several years so you can begin to dispute those claims immediately. This sometimes requires interpretation. If you are having a tough time D Cypher and what is on your credit report, you can visit a credit repair company who will be able to give you some good next steps for repairing your credit. This is always the best way to start, whether you are doing it yourself or having a credit repair company do it for you, you need to start with where you are at.

Then, you need to figure out where you are going. What do you want your credit score to be in six months? What is it right now? What can look like in three months? And so forth… and as always, you should have a goal in mind besides just your credit being repaired. While credit repair is not very sexy, the reason you get your credit repaired is by far more important. A new car? The house of your dreams? The real estate Industry is bouncing back and there are a lot of great homes on the market. Many folks are almost within reach of the new stock that is available on the market today, but they might just need 30 or 50 points higher on their credit score. If you need your score to move quickly, then it is our advice that you work with the credit repair service that delivers results.

How it works:

We have investigated New Day Credit Repair and found them to be of high integrity, loan officers from mortgage companies, and they know all of the best practices including touting their own 100 letter arsenal of dispute letters that they use to send to the credit bureaus. According to one client, she was able to purchase a home within six months of using their services. Not bad! Give them a call at (866) 936-8045.

A credit repair service that can deliver in six months or less should have top officers who are ready to act on your behalf. They will interact directly with the credit bureaus in order to mitigate claims on your credit history. There is a lot to know about credit repair, and you can certainly do it by yourself if you have the time. But we find that most people would rather leave it to somebody who makes it their business to help others get their credit repair in the quickest way possible. Despite many articles that credit repair companies are all fraudulent, there are definitely some wonderful opportunities available to you today. We have done a significant amount of research on the subject and concluded that services as described above most definitely do work and they can absolutely help you get back on the road to credit recovery immediately.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this report and if you have used New Day, then by all means please comment!

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