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New Safety Style Tubs for Elderly and Disabled

Walkin bathtubs make life easier for elderly and disabled, why not for everyone else?

If you remember back about 30 years ago, a smart company who worked on accessibility issues came out with an ergonomic handle for knives and forks. To their surprise, the new handles were very popular among everybody that had otherwise healthy hands. Ergonomic handles spawned a brand-new industry of anthropologists who studied how people interact with products, and decided that if it’s good for those who have hard times normally, it’s good for everybody else.

I ran into this article that talked about a new kind of step in tub the people walk into. In this particular article, they talked about how this innovative company is now putting a panic button on their bathtubs with monitoring by Bay Alarm Medical.Who knew that there was such a technology? Basically want somebody has one of these installed in the bathroom, they don’t need to bend down or crouch or set really low to the floor, they can enjoy the amenities of a full bathtub by themselves Well fully being able to get in and out without any help.

If walkin bathtubs are good for the elderly and for the disabled, it should be good for everybody else

safety tube for elderly folks and disabled

safety tube for elderly folks and disabled

The incredible truth behind technology like this is that because it is good for those who are on the fringes of our society having a tough time physically, it is also good for everyone else. I thought this article was so newsworthy, that the entire industry seems like it is getting ready to blow up. Everybody loves a hot tub, and I have never met somebody who didn’t enjoy water jets massaging their shoulders, so this to me seems like a huge opportunity for the company we read about in the news article.

Evidently, there are a lot of disabled folks as well who have benefited from this kind of technology. It is said that this gives people a new sense of dignity and independence because they don’t need to have somebody in the secret place of their bathroom watching over them and washing them. As you can imagine, this is And extremely liberating prospect anybody who still has any sense of their independence left. Enjoy!