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Business Goals for the New Year: Get Your SEO Right

Technology has definitely changed buying behavior and has created winners and losers. If you are to stay in the winner’s bracket for you business, local or national, you need to not only be found on a Google search, you need to have a mobile website. San Diego SEO company Local Fame Media has been helping businesses to stay in the winner’s circle by getting them a mobile platform for their website, meeting potential local clients in the “heat of the buy” to find them – because up to 80% of all searches for local businesses are done using a mobile device and up to 60% of those searches end in a buying decision within the hour.

Mobile Websites for Maximum Marketing Exposure

Oceanside Marketing AgencyA mobile website for local businesses is an absolute must today. There are way too many platforms which you can build a mobile site on for any business to have an excuse not to do it. The competition might not be any better than you, but because they have a site that is optimized for mobile, they will get the business. A simple search for mobile or “responsive” themes will give you a great idea as to what your site could look like. Themeforest has a ton of good mobile themes around particular niches, including yours! So get on this TODAY or you stand to miss out on the greatest traffic generator for you business ever.

SEO for local businesses

SEO is an important aspect of taking advantage of new opportunities. Local Fame Media knows this and helps their clients to get on the first page of a Google search in the market of their choosing. Since there are a plethora of SEO companies who promise to deliver the world, but fail miserably to get websites ranking, they have a limited risk platform built in the highest of SEO white-hat practices. They will help you to build equity around your business including tons of really high quality content and plenty of digital assets so people who are searching for your business or service in the city where you do business, you’ll not only be found, but you’ll be the only obvious answer to searchers. This is the true value of good SEO.

SERE – Search Engine Reality

SERE as it is called mainly refers to the top 10 searches found on a Google search for your business or service. Many times, Google will only display one URL per website per page since they try to give options to searchers. But Local Fame Media will help you not only get on the first page with your website, but to grab some more equity with a YouTube video, a blog, a twitter account and plenty of other signals, all pointing to your business. The result? Maximum exposure and explosive growth as they like to say. So do yourself a favor for 2015 and get on board with the latest web standards and give Local Fame Media a call so they can audit your current business presence online then help you to scale and grow your profits and business.

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